Effective institute to learn the German Language Classes in Bangalore?

Inlingua has the best environment and teaching capabilities to learn German Language Classes in Bangalore. People of all backgrounds and ages are welcomed by us to study German.

Students are encouraged from day one for the usage of small sentences of the German language by our experienced and friendly staff.

Our institute is proud to offer German Coaching Classes. German is the most generally spoken first language in the European Union with in excess of 120 million local speakers and in excess of 80 million nonnative speakers.

The previously mentioned fact itself demonstrates the essentialness and significance of German Language. The German Language Classes in Bangalore is the Best Place to learn a new foreign language.

The faculty teaches according to the exam patterns and clears all doubts. German is the second most commonly utilized scientific language on the earth.

At inlingua, our German Language experts have designed a compact and intricate learning model. Usually, it takes one, years to master a language, albeit when the foundation is strong, and the right habits formed, the whole journey can be shortened.

Our great teaching model of classwork and homework and a 5-module program is an enriching engagement to master German.

Our custom built and unique course educational program for all levels depends on 5 Modules.

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Plus Grammar

Our pedagogy targets excelling in the examination and imbibing the language to the level of proficiency. In order to make the language a tool for a culturally enriching experience.


Grammar is the foundation of any language. Our teaching philosophy makes us believe that teaching and learning Grammar would provide holistic proficiency in all the modules of the language.


If you are –

  • A student- who is planning to study in Germany,
  • A visitor- who is planning a visit Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France and so forth.
  • A senior executive- who is planning to work in Europe

Then we have some special courses designed just for you.

There are some short term/ standard duration courses which will smoothen your stay in Germany.

Also, if you have less time and your only focus is clearing the Goethe examination, our German Language Classes in Bangalore provide Exam Preparation Courses for you which focus on preparing you as exam pattern in a limited time frame.

Inlingua providing online and offline classes in different areas (Jayanagar, Malleswaram) in Bangalore.

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